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For questions about administering your list, please see the FAQ (Frequently asked questions), or feel free to contact us.

+ How to add DNS records for a Pro list

When you order your Pro list, the server location that you choose will determine what information needs to be entered into your new DNS records. This information appears in your My account page under the link - DNS records.

For most people adding the DNS records will be done in their web-hosting company's website - so you'll need to login to your account there and find a link to something like "Domain manager", or "Custom DNS records".

These are the new records you'll need. The data in each of the pictures is an example. The real data that you'll need is in your My account.

  1. A record
  2. AAAA record
  3. MX record
  4. TXT record (for SPF)

... and if your list is on the New York or London servers ...

  1. TXT record (for DMARC)
  2. TXT record (for DKIM)

A record

AAAA record

MX record

TXT record (for SPF)

TXT record (for DMARC)

TXT record (for DKIM)

REMEMBER: The data in each of the pictures is an example. The real data that you'll need is in your "My Account".

12 November 2016

+ How to export your list's subscribers

Previously, list owners could download a text file of their list's subcribers from the My Account page. This has been temporarily disabled while security concerns are addressed.

For now, list administrators can get an export of their subscribers using the Mailman "roster" function or by email.


Login to your list's Admin, then, in the browser address bar, replace "admin" with "roster" then hit ENTER.




Send an email:

To: <listname>-request@<>
Subject: who   <adminpassword>
Body: You can leave the message body blank



In the subject, replace the above <adminpassword> with your actual Admin password. For example:
Subject: who   AbCd1234

If you have any problems just contact us and we'll send you an export.

17 December 2015

+ How to migrate a list from another hosting company

To migrate an existing list to our servers, there are a few steps. If you want a list that uses your own domain (a Pro list) there is the extra step of editing DNS records. If you have shell access to your existing list server, things are fairly quick. If you only have web access, it just takes a little longer. In either case, we're can do it for you if you're happy for us to access your server or account. For those that want to do it for themselves here is what you need.

1. Order your new list via the MailmanLists website.

This is simply a matter of ordering from our website. You can choose either a Pro list (uses your domain) or a Regular list (uses one of our domains).

For Pro lists you'll probably be wanting to use the same listname and address eg. – so you'll need to check the availability when you're on the order form.

2. Get following files from your existing host – subscribers;  archives;  configuration

Most of this requires shell access with root privileges. If you don't have that, you can ask your list's host to send them to you. If your host is not accommodating, your stuck with just being to export your subscribers and message archives the long way and your new list's configuration will need to be done from scratch (which could be a good thing).


For those who don't have shell/root access:

Send email to:

For those who do have shell/root access:

root@server: /usr/lib/mailman/bin/list_members -f  -r LISTNAME > LISTNAME.regular
root@server: /usr/lib/mailman/bin/list_members -f  -d LISTNAME > LISTNAME.digest

Then send us the *.regular file, and if you have digest subscribers, also send us the *.digest file.


For those who don't have shell/root access:

Go to your list's archive page. The left column contains links to a file for each month's messages. Usually it's a .gz file. Right click on each link and save the link as "..." – for example, "2015-August.txt.gz" You can then send us these files and we'll load them into your new list and correct any list URLs needed.

For those who do have shell/root access:

root@server:cp /var/lib/mailman/archives/private/LISTNAME.mbox/LISTNAME.mbox ./LISTNAME.mbox

Then send us the mbox file (not the directory).


For those who don't have shell/root access - sadly you'lll neet to tweak your new list from scratch.

For those who do have shell/root access:

root@server:/usr/local/mailman/bin/config_list -o /tmp/LISTNAME.cfg LISTNAME

Then send us the .cfg file.

18 December 2016

+ How to order a list

Orders for lists can be made from the Pricing page. Simply enter details into the form and it will pass you to the PayPal website where you can pay by credit-card or PayPal account.

You'll receive 3 initial emails

  1. A Welcome to MailmanLists message - this will have your My account sign-in details
  2. A receipt from MailmanLists
  3. A receipt from PayPal

And finally, when your list has been created, an Information about your list email - containing login details for your list's administration. Note: Regular lists are generally created within 3 hours. Pro lists can take several hours as the new DNS records will take some time to resolve after you create them.

In the event your payment is unsuccessful, you'll still be able to sign in to your My account, and follow the Try payment again link. New lists where payment was unsuccessful are reserved for 7 days.

29 September 2015