Terms and conditions of use

The terms and conditions outlined below require your agreement when ordering or renewing a list.

In having your mailing-list(s) hosted by MailmanLists:

1. You agree to not send unsolicited email
It's a condition of use that mailing lists hosted at MailmanLists do not send unsolicited emails (spam). If we receive a legitimate complaint from someone who has been deliberately spammed by your list, your list will be suspended. You'll then need to convince us that you didn't send unsolicited email before the list is removed permanently.
2. You agree to obtain subscribers' consent to be on your list and receive email
List-owners are obligated to ensure that subscribers have requested to be on their list. Consent is implicit when someone subscribes to a list via the list's public information page, or subscribes via email request. If you (as a list administrator) use the "Mass subscribe" you must do so only with the explicit consent of the people you are subscribing.
3. You agree to not share your subscribers' names or email addresses
Subscribers' names / email addresses are in your care for the sole purpose of sending/receiving email to/from the list.
4. You agree to promptly unsubscribe subscribers who request it
Although subscribers can remove themselves from a list at anytime there may be occasion when they request the list owner or administrator do it for them. You agree that on such occasion that you'll remove them as soon as practical (or ask us to do it for you).
5. You agree to remove subscribers' posts from archives on request
If a subscriber asks you to remove a post from a list's archive, you agree to contact MailmanLists to do it for you. (It's not possible for list-owners or administrators to do this themselves).
6. You agree to keep it legal
In most countries there are laws prohibiting harassment and persecution. List owners must not allow their list(s) to used for such purposes (or anything obviously illegal).
7. You agree to not hold MailmanLists liable
Applying accepted industry standards of security, MailmanLists makes all reasonable efforts to keep its servers secure. It's impossible to for anyone to guarantee 100% security of computer systems. Knowing this, you agree to not hold MailmanLists liable for any damage caused by breaches of data privacy regulations (or misuse of data) by you or any third party.

Declined orders

MailmanLists will decline your order if, in our opinion, it appears the intent is to send unsolicited emails. In the event an order is declined, payment is refunded in full via PayPal. Additionally, the buyer is informed of MailmanLists' decision by email. In the event the buyer repeats the order, the payment is refunded however the PayPal reversal fee is deducted.


If within 14 days of testing your new list you find that your new list (or our service) doesn't meet your requirements (for any reason), or you've simply changed your mind, your payment will be refunded – no questions asked. Please note that sending hundreds of emails doesn't reasonably qualify as testing. Please contact us for refunds. We refund through PayPal.

Payment processing

Payments are handled by PayPal and can be made with a credit card or your PayPal account. We do not collect VAT or GST. This is stated on the receipt sent to you after payment.

Reminder notices and list closures

Automated reminder notices are emailed to list owners when the list is 30 days away from expiry. Follow-up reminders are sent again 7 days before expiry, then on the day, and finally one week after expiry date at which point the list is suspended. Suspended lists are kept for 30 days, then removed completely.

List owners can renew (reactivate) suspended lists during that 30 days via their Account.