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Bonus lists

For every 4 lists active, a 5th list (bonus list) is free of charge. A link will appear at the top of your Account page where you can add the bonus list.

The bonus list's subscriber limit is equal to that of your largest list . As long 4 lists remain active the bonus list will never need renewing. If there are less than 4 active lists, the bonus list will also expire and will need "renewing" to keep it functioning.

Local community service (free) lists

For groups that provide a local-community service to people in need, we provide free lists. We do this at our discretion. Examples of local-community services are volunteer fire brigades, soup kitchens, refugee centres, ... If your group fits that description please feel free to enquire.

Community lists are now hosted on our Singapore server. This doesn't have any noticeable delay on delivery to anywhere in the world, but just so you know.

We also host lists for some free software and open source projects. Again, this is at our discretion as our idea of "community" and the "public good" may differ from yours.

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