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How to add DNS records using cPanel

The steps below illustrate the adding DNS records for a list using the domain of "" - which you would replace with your own domain name. We'll be creating the sub-domain of "", and adding DNS records for it.

Assuming that your domain name (eg exists, you now need to create the sub-domain called "lists". Login to your cPanel, then on the home page, scroll down to the section titled "DOMAINS" and click on the link "Subdomains". This will present a page with 3 text entries to complete (under "Create a Subdomain").

Click on the "Create" button. You'll then get a "Success" message across the screen.

Go back to your cPanel home page and again scroll down to the section titles "DOMAINS". This time click on the link "Zone Editor".

In the resulting table, you'll see your domain ( in the left column. In the far right column click on the link "Manage".

On the resulting page - Zone Records for "" there is a drop-down menu button labelled "+ Add Record". A minute or two we'll use that to create all the records we need for "".

But first we need to remove the dozen or so default records that cPanel just has made for "" when we created the subdomain. These defaults are of no use to us.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see a stack of new records with the word "lists" in them – for example: "", "", "" … Delete all of those records with the word "lists" in them.

Once that's done, we're ready to create the DNS records we need. The actual data you'll need to use can be found in your Account under "DNS records". Don't copy the data below – it's just there to illustrate the process.

It's important that you set all the TTL (time-to-live) to 300 seconds (5 minutes) - so if you need to make corrections you won't be waiting too long for the changes to show up. Once you're certain they're all correct and working, you can come back and edit them to 3600 seconds (1hour) or 14400 (4 hours).

1. Adding an "A" record

At the top of the page, click on the button labelled "+ Add Record" and select "Add a A record" from the drop-down list the button gives you. A new row will then appear at the top of the table. Enter the following:

Click the "Add Record" button in the far right column of the table.

2. Adding an "AAAA" record

Again, click on the "+ Add Record" at the top of the page and this time select "Add a AAAA record".
Enter as follows:

Click the "Add Record" button.

3. Adding an "MX" record

4. Adding a "TXT" (for SPF) record

5. Adding a "TXT" (for DMARC) record

6. Adding a "TXT" (for DKIM) record

DKIM records in cPanel can trip you up. Older versions of cPanel won't allow more than 255 characters. If that's the case for you, you'll need to split the record into two parts.

Newer versions of cPanel ones often insert back slashes to escape any quotes. So, when you copy and paste from your Account page to your cPanel, you may need remove the quotes (all 4 of them) before clicking the "Add Record" button.

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