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What happens after ordering a list?

When you order a list, this is what happens next:

  1. An Account is created for you on MailmanLists' website. A Welcome to MailmanLists email (containing your Account login-details) is sent to you, followed by an emailed receipt. If you order a "Pro List", your Account page will also have the information you need to create the required DNS records.
  2. From your Account you can track the progress of your list as it is activated. Initially it will report that your list is "Queued". You can also download a PDF of your receipt from Billing history in your Account.
  3. Your list is set up within 3 hours and activated. When it's been tested and is ready to go we'll send you another email to let you know. The email will contain your list's administration details.

Once your list is active, you'll be able to login to the list's Administration. From there you can configure settings and administer subscribers – however, with your list's settings the way they are when we activate it – it's ready to go. For most list-owners it's simply a matter of adding a couple of initial subscribers, and away they go.

Order a list

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