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About Pro Lists and Regular Lists

Pro Lists use your own domain name – for example:

With a Pro List the email address of your list could be something like:

Note that the word "lists" has been added to example domain name above to separate ordinary emails (such as: from list emails (   For Pro Lists, you'll need to add DNS records.

Regular Lists use one of our domain names. For example:

Regular Lists are the right choice when you don't have your own domain name, or just prefer a simpler option.

Choosing the country where your list will be hosted

MailmanLists has servers in: Australia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Singapore, UK, and USA.

Pro Lists can be hosted on a server in any of these countries. It's your choice.

For Regular Lists your list's location is determined by the domain you choose.

There isn't any noticeable difference in delivery times but close to home is always nice. The European Union has the strongest data protection laws which may be important for you. See also: Privacy

The number of allowed subscribers on your list

Lists are priced by the maximum number of subscribers allowed. (Sometimes subscribers are referred to as members, or list-members.)

If you're not sure how many subscribers will be on your list you can choose the lowest number then upgrade later as more people subscribe. (See also: Pricing)

We'll email you if the number of subscribers has gone over the limit and you'll be able to upgrade your list to a higher maximum number from within your Account.

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