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Data processing agreements (DPA)

What is a Data processing agreement (DPA)?

A DPA is an agreement between the entity that controls personal data - the controller (you or your organization) and the entity that processes that data - the processor (MailmanLists).

For example: your organization uses a mailing-list to communicate with members, then your organization is the 'controller' of the members' personal data (name, email address, etc). And your organization uses MailmanLists to provide that mailing-list. MailmanLists stores the your members' email addresses on its servers so the mailing list can function. In this case MailmanLists is the 'processor' of the personal data.

A DPA outlines the roles and requirements of the contoller and the processor, and is agreed upon by both.

Do I need a DPA?

If you or your organisation use MailmanLists' services for business purposes, and you or your business are located in the European Union or deal with EU citizens, you should enter into a DPA with MailmanLists.

How do I enter a DPA with MailmanLists?

Email us at -- privacy AT -- and request a DPA. We'll make a signed agreement available on your Account page, which you can download, sign, and return the signature page to us.