Frequently asked questions

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Account What is my Account?
Archives Does Mailman have searchable archives?
Archives How do I access private archives?
Archives How do I get my old list's archive imported into my new list.
Archives How do I export my list's message archive?
Bounces How does bounce processing work?
Bounces Can a get a file export of my list's bounces?
Cancellation How do I cancel my list subscription?
Country What countries do you have Mailman servers in?
Discount Do you give a discount on orders of more than one list?
DKIM Do you use Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)?
Domain Can I use my own domain for my lists?
Domain Can I use another word instead of "lists." with my domain on a Pro list?
Email How do my subscribers change their email address?
Free lists Do you provide free lists for community-service organisations?
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Gmail Why don't I get copies of my own posting to my Gmail account?
Limit What happens if the number of subscribers exceeds my limits?
Limit What is the limit to the number of emails my list can send?
Listname Why is the list name I choose not available?
Migrate My webhost no longer provides Mailman. Can I move my list here?
Moderate How do I stop ALL my subscribers posting to my list?
Password How do I recover/reset my list's Administration password?
Password How do I recover/reset my Account password?
Privacy Do you have a privacy policy?
Recipients Why do I get messages about too many recipients?
Refund Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Renew How do I renew my list subscription?
SLA Do you provide a Service level agreement?
SSL Do my list's webpages use https?
Subscribers How do I get more than 20,000 subscribers on my list?
Subscribers How do my subscribers update their details?
Subscribers How do I import a file of my subscribers' addresses?
Subscribers How do I export a file of my subscribers' addresses?
TLS Do MailmanLists mail servers use TLS when sending mail?
Unsubscribe How do I put an unsubscribe link in my list's emails?
Unsubscribe How do I unsubscribe from a list.
Upgrade Can I upgrade my list from Regular to Pro?
Uptime What is your uptime?
Version What version of Mailman is my list using?