Lists are priced by the maximum number of allowed subscribers (1000, 2000, etc). The minimum order is for six months. There are no bandwidth limits, no limit to the number of emails or attachments that can be sent, and delivery rates are not throttled.

List hosting pricing per month ($USD)
No. of subscribers Regular Lists Pro Lists
Up to 50$2.00Not available
Up to 1000$3.00$4.00
Up to 2000$4.00$5.50
Up to 4000$5.00$6.50
Up to 6000$6.00$8.00
Up to 8000$7.00$9.50
Up to 10000$8.00$11.00
Up to 15000$12.00$15.00
Up to 20000$16.00$18.00

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Discounts applied:   1 year – 5%   2 years – 10%   3 years – 15%

Current exchange rate:   US$1.00 is approximately equal to – AU$1.40   EU€0.89   GB£0.77
Bonus lists – For every 4 lists ordered, a 5th list is free of charge.

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