MailmanLists GNU Mailman list hosting


Pro Lists use your own domain name, for example:
Regular Lists use one of our domain names, for example:

List hosting prices per month in $ US Dollars
Subscribers* Regular List $/month Pro List $/month
Up to 50$ 2.00Not available
Up to 1000$ 3.00$ 4.00
Up to 2000$ 4.00$ 5.50
Up to 4000$ 5.00$ 6.50
Up to 6000$ 6.00$ 8.00
Up to 8000$ 7.00$ 9.50
Up to 10000$ 8.00$ 11.00
Up to 15000$ 12.00$ 15.00
Up to 20000$ 16.00$ 18.00

VAT or GST are not charged.

View pricing equivalent (at current exchange rate) in

Subscribers* – Lists are priced by the the maximum number of subscribers permitted on the list.
There is no limit on the number of emails that can be sent by any of the list's subscribers.
Emails can have attachments.

The following discounts apply to hosting periods of more than 6 months:

Bonus lists – For every 4 lists ordered, a 5th list is free of charge.

Current exchange rate:   US$1.00 is approximately – AU$1.31   EU€0.82   GB£0.72