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Service level agreement

We host your list(s) on our servers and ensure your list-emails get delivered in a timely manner.

We assist list owners and list administrators by phone and email. Phone support (+61 .2 61003121) is available during business hours, Monday to Friday (Canberra time). Support by email is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The response-time to emailed support requests is within 4 hours.

Machines and software can fail. In the event of a problem, we'll resolve the issue as fast as humanely possible.

Maintenance of our servers requires periodic downtime – typically once a month and usually for less than 15 minutes. Notices of these scheduled outages are posted in advance on our website. You can sign up to our low-volume mailing list – notices (at) – to receive advance notifications.

You can request from us, at anytime, an export of your list's (i) configuration file, (ii) message archives, (iii) subscribers, and (iv) your payment receipts.

You can close your list at any time for any reason (and be removed from our system). No questions asked - but we're always happy to be told if we can improve anything.

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