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Condition of use

Nobody likes spam so it is a condition of use that mailing lists hosted at MailmanLists are not used for sending unsolicited emails. If we receive a complaint, your list will be suspended and you will need to convince us that you are not sending unsolicited email. Only when we are convinced will we reactivate your list. Lists suspended for sending unsolicited emails are not refunded.

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Service level agreement

MailmanLists' Service Level Agreement (SLA) is straight-forward and written in plain English.

  1. We host your GNU Mailman list(s) on our servers and provide you with access to your list's built in Administration utilities.
  2. We maintain our servers and update software on them regularly. This necessitates scheduled downtime (typically once a month) of periods generally less than one-hour. Notices of these scheduled outages are posted in advance on our website. You can sign up to receive advance notifications by email.
  3. Machines and software fail. Even NASA has failures. In the event of a failure, we will resolve the problem as fast as humanely possible.
  4. We provide assistance to list owners and list administrators by phone and email. Phone support is available during business hours, Monday to Friday (Canberra time). Support by email is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The response-time to emailed support requests is within 4 hours.
  5. If we aren’t meeting your expectations, or our service no longer meets your requirements, you can close your list at any time.
  6. You can request from us, at anytime, an export of your list's (i) configuration file, (ii) message archives, (iii) subscribers, and (iv) your payment receipts.

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If within 14 days of testing your new list you find that your new list (or our service) doesn't meet your requirements (for any reason) your payment will be refunded – no questions asked. Please note that sending hundreds of emails doesn't reasonably qualify as testing.

Please contact us for refunds. We refund through PayPal.

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Payment processing

Payments are handled by PayPal and can be made with Visa, Mastercard, or your PayPal account. All lists, no matter which country they are being hosted in, require payment in US dollars. PayPal converts your local currency to US dollars.

We do not collect VAT or GST. This is stated on the receipts sent to you after order payment.

Reminder notices and list closures

Automated reminder notices are emailed to list owners when the list is 30 days away from expiry. Follow-up reminders are sent again 7 days before expiry, then on the day, and finally one week after expiry date at which point the list is suspended. Suspended lists are kept for 30 days, then removed completely.

List owners can reactivate suspended lists during that 30 days from their Account page.

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Privacy and data protection

The information about you MailmanLists keep is what you supply when you order a list – your name, email address, and the name of your organisation (if you gave it). This information is used to email you receipts, and information/notices regarding your list(s).

MailmanLists stores this information in Australia and complies with the Australian Government's privacy and data protection regulations. The information you provide will not be passed on to anyone – unless we are directed by Australian authorities. We will notify you if that happens.

At the time of ordering a list, you choose the country where your list is hosted. Your list subscriber's email addresses and your list's message archives are stored on servers in those countries. The data on those servers is subject to the data and privacy regulations of the country where it is located.

Your list's subscriber email addresses are your business. MailmanLists will not share them, and will only access your list if you ask for support on a technical issue, or if we are directed to do so by Australian authorities. Again, we will notify you should that happen. It is strongly recommended that you leave your list set to only allow the list's administrator to view subscriber's addresses.

By default, emails posted by your subscribers get archived and these archives are by default "Private" – meaning they are available only to your list's subscribers once they have logged in. Archiving can also be turned off.

MailmanLists applies HTTPS to secure information transmitted from its website. No credit card information is handled by MailmanLists as payments are processed securely via PayPal's website.

Please be aware that all email is susceptible to being intercepted and is inherently insecure.

Mail log files

Our list-servers log the ID number of messages posted to lists, when it was posted, and the email address of the sender. It also logs bounces and errors. These log files are necessary for trouble-shooting. They are over-written every 72 hours.

Website log files

We don't use any tracking utilities such as Google Analytics. We do keep anonymised web-server logs which record visits to list webpages and the MailmanLists website. Logged are: the visitor's anonymised IP address; date/time; from where; and the type of browser used. The last octet of a visitor's IP address is not logged – thus anonymising it.

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