Privacy policy

In compliance with the GDPR, MailmanLists' Privacy policy describes what personal data is collected by us (and why), how it is kept secure and private, and how it can be accessed or removed.

MailmanLists' privacy officer can be contacted at: privacy [at]

When and why we collect personal data

When you create an account with MailmanLists, you supply:

We use that information to communicate with you, and generate invoices. Your email address also becomes your account sign-in identity.

When you email us for support, you may additionally supply your phone number if you want us to phone you.

How we store your personal data

MailmanLists stores your account information on servers in Switzerland. Industry standard encryption and security practices are applied and (in compliance with the GDPR) your information will not be shared unless we are compelled by government authorities.

When you email MailmanLists (for technical support, or an enquiry), your email is kept for thirty days, then permanently deleted.

Accessing your personal data

The information that we keep can be accessed and changed by you at anytime via your account on MailmanLists' website, or by us at your request.

At any time you can request that your account and all associated data be removed from our servers. The request can be made from your Account or by contacting us. To allow for cancellation of requests, the default removal time is 24 hours.

Mailing lists

MailmanLists does not examine, collect, distribute or sell any data or information contained in or generated by any mailing list on its servers.

At any time you can request that your mailing-list(s) be removed. This can be done via your account on our website, or by contacting us. Again, to allow for cancellation of requests, the default removal time is 24 hours.

If your mailing-list hosting expires and isn't renewed, it will be suspended. Thirty days after expiry, non-renewed mailing-lists are removed. Removal of a list means the removal of its configuration files, any archived messages, and the list's subscribers. Recovery is not possible. If you have no other lists being hosted at the time, your account is also removed.

If you ask us for technical support, we may need to access your list's administration panel and assume an administrator role, or access your subscribers' email addresses. We will notify you at the time if that's necessary.

Log files

The log files on our list-servers record the ID number of messages posted to lists, when it was posted, and the email address of the sender. Bounce-notices and errors are also logged. These log files are necessary for trouble-shooting (should the need arise). They are over-written every 3 days.

We keep anonymized web-server logs (also trouble-shooting) which record visits to mailing-list webpages and MailmanLists' website. Logged are: the visitor's anonymized IP address; date/time of the visit; and the type of browser used. We do not use any tracking utilities such as Google Analytics.