Mailman hosting – in Australia, Europe, UK, USA

MailmanLists have been hosting GNU Mailman mailing lists since 2008. Mailman hosting is the one and only thing we do. With servers in Australia, Europe, UK, and the USA we're here 24/7 to support list-owners in administering their lists and looking after their subscribers. From $3/month for 1000 subscribers.

We're hosting lists with thecurrent stable GNU Mailman version 2.1.29 (released on 24 July 2018).

Migrating a list from another host – we've got a guide on what's needed, but we're happy to do it all for you (at no charge). Refugees from other mailing-list managers – Listserv, Majordomo, and Sympa – are all welcome.

With more than two dozen languages supported GNU Mailman is the world's most used mailing-list manager and it's stood the test of time – having been in constant revision for nearly twenty years. It's the software that: processes email to-and-from lists; enables people to join and leave mailing-lists; provides webpages for the administration of lists, and much more.