Can I use my own domain name for my mailing-list?

Yes, you can use your own domain name for your mailing-list.

When you order a mailing-list using your own domain name, new DNS records are needed so that its emails get delivered to our Mailman servers.

To explain using the top-level domain name -- you may already have a website at, and you may also be using a regular email address such as If you don't already, you may want to in the future.

To separate your mailing-list's email traffic from your regular email, and separate your website from the list's webpages, a subdomain is used -- such as

Your mailing-list's email address would then be, for example, -- and its public and administration pages would be at

It's for this subdomain that new DNS records are required. Some people prefer to use their top-level domain anyway, and that still requires their existing DNS records to be edited so traffic is directed to our Mailman list servers.

See also: How do I create DNS records for my list's domain?